Definitly it’s gonna be difficult to forget this place and all good things happened here. But I suppose each new step drives you to a new way and to a different (not worst) destiny. Doesn’t have sense to think much about it, just living each moment like the way could turn in a moment.

The most important part is to know you have now in your pockets lots of new experiences, knowledge, moments and friends. Also the fact that you’re a different (and probably better) person, more mature and conscious about how this life works and what can you do to survive.

It’s always hard to say goodbye. But it’s nice to see you’ve left some good pieces of you behind your steps. That’s one of the most important things, to leave your print somehow, because it’s the way you’ll be remembered

5 more things I learned being lost

1. I’ve learned life puts everything on it right place. And that all things come and also things gone, have a reason, nothing happens without it. I’ve learned that time needs time.

2. I’ve learned that life rewards you and punishes you equally. Or maybe what I have learned is that it’s better to think and to believe that everything works under a fair balance. I’ve learned that behind every great fall come great achievements. I have learned that white exists because black too. 

3. I’ve learned that none of us is going anywhere, nobody ascends in a steep ladder or in a pyramid, we all are running in circles like headless chicken. And that’s when you accept that when you realize how this story works and you can enjoy it.

4.  I’ve learned that defeats teach you more than wins. Losing makes you evolve and teaches you how each step leads sooner or later to your particular destiny. And if something is not for you is because you’ll have something better just around the corner. I have learned like a fool to miss opportunities and to say no,while they told me I was going to regret it. Even in that way I’ve learned not to regret of any of my decisions. Growing up is about take decisions. Everything happens for a reason.

5. I’ve learned that being lost you learn to find yourself, or rather you learn how to be fate that finds you. I have learned that things are not as terrible as they seem in the moment. In short: I’ve learn to relativize.

6º CIT

Tomorrow I’ll be in Congreso Internacional de Tipografía de Valencia showing and talking about my research work: Autodidactismo y Creación Tipográfica - 90’s Typography in Spain.

Born is more than a typeface, it’s also a story; The one of my 2013. A story about moving to the big city, the result of meet great people from all parts of the world and their cultures too, the result of talks in classes, bars and trains… the result of sharing moments, experiences, knowledges… Born is the result of all these experiences and people: and now I’m sharing with you this piece of my story.

Born is a humanist typeface that is based on traditional calligraphic forms, but with some new features in its endings, strokes and drops, that provide a more open, fresh and actual look. It also has a big X height, so it offers a high legibility even at small sizes.

Born Regular includes a total of 262 glyphs: Uppercase, Lower case, Alternative glyhps of the above ones, normal Ligatures, Uppercase numerals and symbols and punctuation marks.

Download Born